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Private swimming classes in Bangkok

Swimming Coourse BangkokScuba Bangkok offers swimming courses for total beginners, intermediate or advanced swimmers. Our swimming instructor is AUSTSWIM certified and allowed to teach kids as young as three years. Infants in the age range 18 month to three years can also be thought if accompanied in the water by one of their parents. We have also experience in teaching adults who are total beginners and had no previous experience. We will apply an extra slow approach starting in shallow standing water and progressively develop the necessary skills to be able to float and finally swim. Safety is our primary focus and that’s why we try to keep the groups small (maximum teacher to student ratio is 1:4). We can teach at our pool or come to your private pool at your condominium. For an impression, have a look on our swimming student below. This woman was very scared of water and wouldn’t even dare to to put her face into the water. After only 3 lesson, she was able to this:

Swimming course prices :

  • 1 on 1: 1’200 baht per lesson.
  • 2 students: 800 baht per lesson and person.
  • 3-4 students: 700 baht per lesson and person.
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