SSI – Try Scuba

Evening Open Water Course

You don’t have time for a full scuba diving course but want to try diving? Then the SSI Try Scuba crash course is tailored for you.

 The Try Scuba let you experience the wonderful world of scuba diving without the requirement to study lots of theory or scuba diving skills. Your instructor will only teach you the most essential skills for diving, while taking care of your dive equipment and safety.

If you want to update later to a full certification, we can count the dive towards your certification dives. The program can be done as a pool only experience or in combination with a scuba diving trip to the islands around Pattaya or Satthahip. 

Minimum age: 10 years
Maximal group size per session: 4 participants, 8 participants for “pool only” course.
Course duration: 1-2 hours in the pool and a day on the boat
Maximum depth: 12 meter.
Course price: 1’600 baht in pool, 5’000 baht pool plus one day trip to Pattaya with two ocean dives.

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