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SSI Open Water Diver

dive shop bangkokThe SSI Open Water Diver Course provides you with all the basics of recreational scuba diving to a depth of 18 meters. You will complete six theory chapters, six confined pool training dives and four open water dives in the ocean. During the theory and practical sessions, you will be familiarized with the basic dive equipment, e.g. buoyancy compensator (BC), scuba cylinders, regulator and submersible pressure gauges (SPG), snorkeling gear ssi dive course bangkokand exposure protection. You will learn how to set up and dissemble the complete diving system and how to take care of it. During the theory you will learn about the effects of breathing compressed air at depth, including gas narcosis and oxygen toxicity. You will also learn about decompression sickness and which protocols to follow to minimize its occurrence. Beside diver physiology and theory you will also learn about the environment under water, how sound wave and light are changed and how to react right under difficult conditions like stronger currents, bad visibility or encounters with potentially dangerous wildlife. The SSI programs are built on the SSI Diamond philosophy, whereas the four subdomains equipment, skills, knowledge and experience are connected to create the Diver Diamond. Whereas most dive organization center their philosophy on knowledge and skills, SSI incorporates the domains experience and equipment and treat them equally important to its other two counterparts.. Ultimately, knowing which equipment suits you and which are the advantages and disadvantages of certain dive set-ups makes diving not only more fun, but also saver. It can also be shown, that diver who own their own equipment, enjoy diving to a fuller scuba diving course bangkokextend and keep their passion for diving longer than people who rely solely on rental gear. At Scuba Bangkok we provide you a huge selection of dive equipment to choose from (of course standard high quality rental equipment is also available). The Open Water Diver Course is the foundation of any further diving course and you should benefit from it to its full extend. It’s thus recommended that you invest at least 4 days in the course (2 days for theory and pool, 2 days for the open water dives). SSI’s learning philosophy is based on the principal “comfort through repetition”. At first skills are learned and remembered, but only through repetition is confidence built. Finally a over and over practiced skill becomes a conditioned response, meaning a skill is automatically conducted when a certain stimuli is present. In other words, you unconsciously know what to do without having to think about it anymore. To reach that stage, we should invest at least 2-3 half-days into pool training (spread over at least 2 days). At Scuba Bangkok we want to make you a qualified SSI Open Water diver and we don’t charge more for additional pool training sessions (evening pool training possible till 22:00).

Minimum age: 10 year

Maximal group size: 8 participants
Course duration: at least 4 days
Maximum depth: 18 meters

Course price: 15’000 baht (equipment included)

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