SSI Deep Diving Specialty

Learn the limits of recreational scuba diving

Soft Coral in the deep
Soft Coral in the deep

The SSI Deep Diver course teaches you to conduct single cylinder dives to a maximum of 40 meters, the absolute maximum for no stop diving. During the course you conduct three deep dives, the first dive to between 18-24 meters, second dive between 24-30 meters and the last dive to 30-40 meter depth. In that depth no stop times getting very short and air consumption is considerably high.

During the Deep Diving course you will learn how to calculate your Surface Air Consumption rate (SAC) and how to calculate your air consumption at any given depth. This will make it easier for you to plan your deep dives. You will also learn how to deploy a SMB (“the air filled sausages we shoot up to the surface”) before ascending to the surface. The course also focuses on emergency procedures to guarantee a maximal safety. You will learn how to administer oxygen and what to do with a suspected DCS victim. Beside the techniques and theory, you will see a new underwater world. Especially in Pattaya we discover often huge fields of colorful and bright soft corals at a depth between 30-40 meters. Join the course and let’s explore this new world of the ocean.

Minimum age: 15 years
Maximal group size: 6 students
Maximum depth: 40 meters
Course duration: 2 days, 1 day for theory and pool skills, 1 day in the ocean.
Course price: 10’000 Baht

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