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SSI stands for Scuba Schools International, an organization that offers internationally recognized scuba training programs from beginner to advanced levels. Like PADI, SSI is a member of the WRSTC (World Recreactional Scuba Training Council) as well as the EUF (European Underwater Federation) and is ISO certified.

As members of the same standard providing organizations, PADI and SSI have much in common. Their scuba diving programs are similarly structured and depth limits and rations are the same. Crossovers between the two organizations are possible at almost all levels. SSI training philosophy is based on the so called SSI Diver Diamond, which connects the four domains Knowledge, Skills, Experience and Equipment together. One of the main strengths of SSI is its programs flexibility (“you choose what you want to learn”)  and a focus on the online platform ODiN (Online Diver Network) which provides trainees with an online log book and online training manuals. The theory can thus be completed on the computer at home or on your mobile phone or tablet wherever you are.

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Scuba Bangkok offers a wide spectrum of SSI foundation and specialty dive courses. Theory and pool training are completed at our dive shop in Bangkok. For the open water part we accompany you to a weekend or day trip to Pattaya and other dive destinations of your choice. For a more detailed description of the courses, click on the titles below.

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"Back Roll Entry Practice"
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