PADI Deep Diver

Learn about the limits of recreational diving

PADI DeepThe Deep Diver Course will teach you how to conduct dives to the maximal allowed depth of recreational diving, 40 meters. You will conduct four dives, the last one to a depth between 30-40 meters. You will learn the right procedures to minimize the risk of decompression sickness. You will also learn what to do, should it occur nevertheless, including how to administer oxygen and how to follow an emergency plan. As the no stop times at that depth are pretty short, it is recommended to combine the course with a Nitrox course, so longer diving at depth is possible. We usually use a special nitrox mixture, EANx28 (28 % ocygen) which allows as to go as deep as 40 meters with reasonable no stop times. Why to go so deep? Especially at some dive sites in Pattaya (namely Koh Rin) there are beautiful soft coral gardens between a depth of 30 and 50 meters. It’s definitely worth to explore!

Minimum age: 15 years

Prerequisites: Advanced Open Water or Adventure Diver.

Maximal group size: 8 students

Maximal depth: 40  meters

Course duration: 2 days.

Course price: 12’000 baht.

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