Pattaya Dive Trips and Schedule

It’s not all about visibility

pattaya-dive-trip-february-2017Dive Infinity offers trips to various dive locations in Thailand, but the easiest and closest dive sites available are reached from Pattaya. Departing from the Bali Hai Pier in South Pattaya, around 8 beautiful islands can be reached. Whereas the three closer islands are reached within only 30 min, the far island require a 1.5 to 2 hours boat trip. Additionally there are three beautiful wrecks lying in a depth between 22 and 30 meters, the ideal depth for advanced courses. Whereas the visibility of other dive sites in Thailand may be better, the state of the coral reefs in Pattaya are actually pretty good. The mass bleaching destroying whole coral reefs in the south of Thailand, haven’t affected the reefs in the north to the same extend yet. Additionally we are often blessed with big sea turtles, cuttlefishes and octopuses and there is also a good chance to encounter sea horses. Down at the wrecks we often encounter schools of trevallies, barracudas and big schools of big-eyed snappers. At some lucky days, we even find small bamboo sharks and baby nurse sharks. Beside that, there is a huge variety of hard and soft corals, including staghorn corals, huge table and boulder corals, as well as sea fans. There are places totally overgrown by sea anemones with plenty of pink anemone fishes hiding between there polyps. For deep dives between 30 and 50 meters, we often discover beautiful bright colored soft coral gardens. For some impressions have a look at the images below or check out our youtube channel.

Pattaya-Dive-site-koh-rin dive trip pattaya turtle pattaya scuba bangkok sea horse koh larn


Option 1: All in one day (BKK-Pattaya-BKK)

6 am: Pick up at your hotel (private taxi) or meeting at the mini van station.

8 am: Arriving at the Bali Hai pier and checking in on the dive boat.

8:30 am: Departure to the islands and dive sites.

3-5 pm: Arriving back at the pier where either the private taxi is picking us up or we take a taxi to the mini van station.

8-9 pm: Arriving back at your hotel in Bangkok.

Option 2: Take it easy

This is an option for people who have more time, don’t want to get up that early in the morning or simply want to enjoy Pattaya a bit more. Of course we will organize transportation and accommodation.

The evening before: Pick up at your hotel (private taxi) or meeting at the mini van station. Check in at the hotel in Pattaya. Our dive instructor is pleased to be your night life guide if you wish so. We will meet at 8:15 at the pier.

The evening after: Don’t rush to go back to Bangkok but stay one night in Pattaya. It’s always nice to chill after diving, instead of sitting in a taxi for 2 hours.

Of course it’s all up to you and your schedule. Let us know your preferences and we will help you make it happen.

Option 3: Dive 2 or more days

This option is ideal for people who want to dive more, conducting a dive course or simply want to enjoy Pattaya a bit more. Let us know what you like, and we will tailor your trip.


Diving for 1 day

Two dives: 4’500 baht, including food, compass, guide and tanks.

Three dives: 4’900 baht, including food, compass, guide and tanks.

Equipment rental: 600 baht for a full set of equipment.


Private taxi: 1’500 baht per way, including pick up at hotel and from the pier. This is the price for 1 customer. For two customers it’s 750 per person, for three 500 baht and so on.

Public transportation: 100 baht per way, but taxi from and to the hotel need to be paid. Taxi from the pier to the mini van station will also need to be paid. It will roughly cost you around 300 baht per way. Note: Public transportation in Thailand can be very crowded and the mini vans can be a bit uncomfortable for people with long legs. Also some drivers are in a rush and accidents do happen.

Special fee for 1 on 1 Guiding

If you want special attention, can’t join another group or simply want to have more privacy, we like to guide and teach you one on one. However, as we also need to pay gasoline and accommodation, we have to charge an extra fee of 1000 baht.

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