Sports Diver

BSAC Rescue Bangkok

The BSAC Sports Diver course includes a rescue training session in the open water!

The Sports Diver course is the second level of the BSAC educational system and improves your skills in various subject areas of scuba diving. Not only will you be thought how to plan and conduct deeper dives down to a maximum depth of 35 meters, you will also learn to use new equipment such as reels and surface marker buoys, plan and conduct decompression stops, use a compass for navigation, as well as conduct an effective rescue in an emergency situation. Additionally you will broaden your knowledge about nitrox diving and take part in dive planning and dive leading procedures.
The Sports Diver program takes usually four to five days. First we will go through the theory of the Sports Diver and Nitrox manuals. After that we will need one day to practice rescue skills in the pool as well as CPR training in the dry. Finally we will have five training dives in the ocean where your knowledge and skills will be tested. A very small group size (maximal two students) will grantee most effective training and tuition.

The Sports Diver course is a quite holistic course which is reflected in the certifications you earn after completion of your training. Besides the usual Sports Diver certification card, you will receive an additional Nitrox Diver as well as a Rescue Diver license. So basically the Sports Diver course is three dive courses in one, but to a very affordable price!

Minimum age: 12 years
Maximum group size: 2 participants
Course duration: 4-5 days

Course price: 12’000 baht
Manual price: 3’000 baht