Ocean Diver

Get your quality Ocean Diver certification!

BSAC Ocean Diver

During the Ocean Diver course you will do five open water dives!

The Ocean Diver course introduces you into the fascinating world of scuba diving. You will learn how to use and handle scuba equipment, how your body is affected with increasing depth and how to plan and conduct save no-stop dives. You will receive a manual and a workbook with all the relevant information, as well as an air and nitrox table for easy dive planning. During five pool training dives you will get familiar with your scuba equipment and learn the necessary skills required for diving in the ocean. After you gained confidence with dive theory and underwater skills we will conduct five open water dives at a place of your choice, including an extra dive using Nitrox. The BSAC Ocean Diver course sets a great foundation for further scuba dive training and allows you to dive not only with air, but to use Nitrox (EANx32, EANx36) already on that entry course. 

Minimum age: 12 year
Maximal group size: 4 participants
Course duration: 4 days (2 days for theory and pool, 2 days on the boat)
Maximum depth: 20 meters

Course price: 12’400 baht (private course, 1 student), 10’400 baht (more than 1 student)
Manual price: 1’500 baht.
Dive Tables: 500 baht (air), 500 baht (nitrox)