BSAC Overview

About BSAC Thailand

BSACThe British Sub Aqua Club is one of the oldest and most respected diving organisation in the world, offering high quality and in-depth diving courses from beginner to the expert level. BSAC was first implemented in Thailand in the year 1968 when a Thai medical graduate from the UK brought it back to his home country. Following his return, Dr. Charin Chesapadan implemented and developed the BSAC educational system within the Thai university hierarchy and since then hundreds of divers were trained in Thailand. BSAC Thailand was set up to support the development of BSAC dive centers, provide teaching materials, process certification and adapt BSAC dive courses to the tropical environment of Thailand.

BSAC Courses

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Ocean Diver

The Ocean Diver course teaches you all the basics you need to know for save diving to a depth of 20 meters. The course consists of a theory part, pool training dives and five dives in the ocean. Course takes usually 4-5 days.

Sports Diver

The next level after the Ocean Diver course is the Sports Diver. This course is something like the PADI Advanced, PADI Nitrox and PADI Enriched Air Nitrox course together. The Sports Diver course from BSAC makes you a much completer scuba diver on the second level.